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Priya Ragu seeks closure in captivating single "Forgot About"

Priya Ragu has returned to the music scene with the new single “Forgot About.” The unpredictable vocalist who is originally from Sri Lanka but is now based in Switzerland has a diverse catalogue commensurate of her multicultural makeup and her latest offering is a song of heartbreak with understated production from Japhna Gold that highlights Ragu’s rich melodies and expressive vocal delivery.

With a relatively minimal instrumental arrangement supporting her, Ragu provides the song’s heartbeat with her layered, buttery vocals. The track even begins with a few moments of her singing a cappella and self-harmonizing in a way that sets the tone for the vocal-driven arrangement and production. She is soon joined by a static drumbeat, some synth bass, and warm harmonies which all provide an unassuming foundation to the vocals. Towards the middle of the track, Ragu briefly yields the spotlight to a savory trumpet solo that provides an apt compliment to her words. “Forgot About” showcases Ragu’s mature musical sensibility and an understanding that catchy melodies and engrossing vocals are oftentimes more than enough to carry a song. She may just be getting started in the industry, but Priya Ragu’s future is definitely bright.

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