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Selci announces new EP with brilliantly compelling video for "Truth in the Sea"

In our current culture where stories travel faster than ever, it can be difficult to escape the moment and see the larger picture. Canadian artist Selci has achieved that measured perspective with her stunning new single and video “Truth in the Sea,” which draws connections between trials of today and Scottish folklore. The Calgary-based vocalist and producer provides a modern take on the story of Selkies or “Seal Folk,” which were mythical creatures who were captured by fisherman and kept on land as wives. Selci uses the narrative to examine how toxic relationships and society can prevent us from fully realizing our true nature. It is an exquisite first offering from a forthcoming EP entitled Effervescence, which is due out on August 28.

There’s an undercurrent of female empowerment on “Truth in the Sea” as Selci sheds light on the apparent timelessness of gender inequality. She writes, “When I heard the story of the Selkie, I thought that the mythology might have been created because of the realities that women faced at the time… Certain genres of music and technical roles in music, while changing, are still very much gendered.” Her character in the video grapples with being confined in a male-dominated reality while dreaming of freedom. All the while, the atmospheric production and ethereal vocals give sonic vitality to the poignant narrative. With a view of timeless societal trends and a soundtrack of gorgeously touching music, Selci has delivered a multi-faceted success with “Truth in the Sea.”

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