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Laurent Bourque is the "Matador" of love in piano-pop ballad

When writing about love, it's easy to get caught up in one of two states of mind. You are either in a golden haze filled with tinkling lights and string-plucked melodies, or careening down a dark and empty abyss filled with sullen memories and moody percussions. Toronto singer-songwriter Laurent Bourque finds himself somewhere in between with his latest single, "Matador", premiering here today.  

"Don't you want to fall apart?" Bourque asks tentatively, unfolding the multi-faceted layers of a tumultuous yet deeply desirable relationship. While the track weaves through soft synths, guitar melodies, and a whispering piano ballad, it is all just background to Bourque's unwavering vocals. It's a rare composition where the lyrics refuse to blend into the melodies, jutting out and asserting their importance at every turn. When speaking about "Matador", Bourque explains the bullfighter's poetic significance: " Swirling about in his stoic, flashy garb, the Matador leads his heedless opponent around in circles. Chasing in furious zig-zag patterns, the opponent doesn’t know where they are being led to or why they’re chasing at all. Hypnotized by the Matador, they are fixated and unable to comprehend the inevitable end that awaits them. Love is, and sometimes makes you, blind." Fulfilling the track's sentiment, he remains optimistic, admitting that "[Matador] is a celebration of love, even love that will hurt you in the end."

"Matador" is the first track to be released off his long awaited-for forthcoming sophomore album, Blue Hour. Smooth with concealed edges, it's a striking reminder that love is painted by many colours, and seeing them all is better than not seeing them at all. 

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