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Sorcha Richardson shares retro-inspired "Don't Talk About It"

A creative artist to keep an eye on, Dublin-born singer-songwriter Sorcha Richardson shares a charming new single "Don't Talk About It".

Drawing on retro rhythms, the bedroom-pop track combines sweeping synths with the lush vocals from Richardson. Capturing a sweet Phoebe Bridgers vibe, Sorcha Richardson's pop writing is elegantly refreshing. The jagged guitars and synth textures perfectly layer together to form an idyllic number.

"It's a song about avoiding conflict and trying to keep the peace, no matter how much you end up sacrificing in order to do so. Sometimes it feels much easier to convince yourself that you're happy in a relationship, or in a city, or in a job, than to admit to yourself that you're not, and to have to drag that problem out the light and deal with it" she says.

"But that never works, and when you leave a problem alone, 99% of the time it just grows and grows until you can't ignore it. I've learned that lesson the hard way, more than once. This is a song about what you end up losing when you smile and hold your tongue, but also what an achievement it is when you do learn to confront a situation that scares you​​​​​​​."

"Don't Talk About It" is a preppy pop song made for long summer days and sun-filled car journeys. Richardson's songwriting style is gloriously insightful, capturing the heart of meaningful lyricism and inviting people to share their experiences.

Sorcha Richardson's debut album First Prize Bravery is released later this year.

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