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Phlow recruits MC Bravado to wax poetic on their shared love of "Hip Hop"

Baltimore and Lagos collide in an explosion of rising international talent with Phlow and MC Bravado’s “Hip Hop.”

Easily the best part about writing for a blog like EARMILK is getting the opportunity to watch musicians grow and progress. From cold emails to debut albums and beyond, there’s nothing more rewarding than watching an artist go from good to great.

On “Hip Hop,” both Phlow and Bravado show major strides in their technique. Over a golden era, Teck-Zilla produced beat, Bravado and Phlow trade verses speaking on their love of the craft. Bravado kicks things off, musing on how music regularly settles his mind and saves him from the stresses of normal life. And then, after a bridge that will get any true hip hop head nodding, Phlow comes in to finish things off with some impressive verbal gymnastics.

It’s great to see rappers from different countries linking up to make music. Hopefully, Phlow and Bravado start a trend of more international collaboration between musicians. 

Connect with Phlow: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with MC Bravado: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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