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MONOGEM constructs a glossy, slicked back sound in “Lean”

With an innovative and renewed sound, MONOGEM releases her latest single entitled “Lean”. The track features light, airy vocals atop brisk bouncy beats and shimmering synths. Detailing the challenging experiences she’s faced as a female artist, lead singer Jen Hirsh explains, “It’s not easy being a woman in the music industry. Almost everything can seem to work against you. Lean is a song that combats that feeling without fighting, without any pushback. This isn’t a song about sexism, it’s about looking within, surrendering to what is and noticing what happens once you do". 

MONOGEM is the moniker for singer-songwriter Jen Hirsh. Known for crafting masterful music with sleek, shining melodies and a touch of soul, she fuses her own wave of sultry ethereal electro-pop.

In the cosmos, a monogem ring is a supernova remnant, the leftover glow from an exploded star. One of the largest monogem rings in the universe is located near the Gemini and Cancer constellations.  Born in late June, Hirsh is on the cusp of Gemini-Cancer, so the name MONOGEM rang true.

MONOGEM attained much success throughout her career. Her single "Wild" went viral gathering over 65 million streams in China, on NetEase via the Douyin playlist. The music video for "Wild" starring Coco Arquette (daughter of Courteney Cox & David Arquette) was featured on Good Morning America and E! News. Check out her highly empowering single “Lean” out now.

Connect with MONOGEM: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

R&B · Soul


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