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Brendan Bennett drops second project 'Kids Wear Crowns'

Brendan Bennett isn't trying to be anyone other than himself. The Naples, Florida singer and rapper just released his Kids Wear Crowns project after putting out the single "Wasted Time" with Supa Bwe earlier this year. Kids Wear Crowns is five tracks chock-full of pop melodies, raps, and hip-hop instrumentals.

The new project begins with "Long Year," an honest reflection on the recent difficulties surrounding his life. Arguably the project's best track hears Bennett pour his heart out through descriptive lyrics and an infectious chorus. The next four tracks all seem like they're made for the repeat button; they're filled with positivity while they both promote easy-listening and leave room for a more in-depth examination of their lyrics. On the title track, Bennett confidently raps "I'm back up in my bag again" and proves it throughout not only this song, but the entire project.

Kids Wear Crowns bares influence from a variety of genres and makes it nearly impossible to put Brendan Bennett in any kind of box. It's special in its occasionally unorthodox pairing of sounds but comes together well to create a thorough project. Press play on Kids Wear Crowns up above. 

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Hip-Hop · Pop


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