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T.R.3 is sky high from the “Audio Dope” [Video]

Atlanta-based rapper and producer T.R.3's drops the visual for his new single “Audio Dope” which serves as a precursor to his upcoming full-length project. "Audio Dope" sees him working with producer Ariano who cooks up a gloomy soundscape for T.R.3's visually inclined lyrics. TR3 details a story of hate, fear and of course some boastful moments which build up to something much more sinister brewing beneath it all, and you can hear it in T.R.3’s sometimes-strained vocals.

At first glance, T.R.3’s new video for “Audio Dope” appears like a typical criminal-minded video of the past. That is, of course, until the sh*t hits the fan and makes you wonder what the hell just actually happened. Huge props go to the director BenjiDidIt who works his visual magic to make “Audio Dope” an engaging experience that turns the narrative upside down. It’s a wild turn that actually fits the mood of the track, a bravado-laced burner that’s much deeper than it appears.

Check the video out and be prepared for T.R.3’s new project, Together Alone, which drops anytime soon. 

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