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Peter Leo takes it back to the "Beginning Thought"

NY based lyricist Peter Leo teams up with South African producer SAN the Instru-Monumentalist for a full-length project titled 'The Will of the Genji'. Their newest and third single "Beginning Thought" displays the duo in their element with SAN crafting a solemn backdrop for Leo's superb storytelling skills.

 "Beginning Thought"  is taken from 'The Will of the Genji'. which blends SAN's dark, gritty soundscapes against Peter Leo's gripping lyrics. Leo says the song is actually based on a true story about the reality of the heroin epidemic, and how two friends lose their way traveling down the wrong path. 

The LP tells the story of Young Genji takes place in the distant future, where modern technology has become mere mythos. A young warrior with innate abilities, Young Genji must overcome the destruction of his home by evil warlords with ultra-advanced weaponry, and avenge the spirit of his fallen master. The question is; Can he do it?

Get "Beginning Thought" now on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Youtube.

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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