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Rudeboy Bambino is back to business on "Black Nigo"

Underground rapper Rudeboy Bambino has been making waves with videos "They be watching", "93" and "Bapes off". After a brief hiatus, the Houston based artist premieres viable new track "Black Nigo", alongside an official video.

Rudeboy gets straight to business with a bouncy bassline and energetic synths. His unflappable flow and boastful lyrics ooze confidence while asking "Who you better than?" as a rhetorical question.

He accurately compares his style to Nigo, the Japanese music icon and founder of fashion label Bape. This comparison is more evident in the video consisting of bright colors and neon lights, showcasing playful shape transitions that convey that "fly as hell mood" Rudeboy flawlessly depicts. Releasing previews of other new music on Twitter and Instagram, it seems a new project is on the horizon for Rudeboy Bambino.

Connect with Rudeboy Bambino: Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube| Instagram

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