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The Modern Strangers make every golden hour a "Magic Hour" in latest single

With the allure of disco and the refined sensibilities of pop, British indie band The Modern Strangers deliver an infectious sound that gets your foot tapping and head bobbing with every neon hook. Their newest single, "Magic Hour"- premiering here today - bottles up the euphoria of golden hour in the summer and pours it out in a perfect electro-pop drip. 

Instantly captivating, "Magic Hour" revels in swooping synths and a surprising funk-inspired bass support. Every satisfying little detail blends itself into the arrangement effortlessly, from the gleaming guitar notes to the ambitious electric keys. It's a euphorically grandiose entrance into the summer and marks The Modern Strangers' first single of 2019. When speaking about "Magic Hour," the band shares: "We wrote the song whilst on a trip in L.A. It was the day England played Colombia in the World Cup and after that tense penalty shoot out we took the adrenaline into a home studio in Silver Lake and recorded 'Magic Hour.'"

The adrenaline didn't stop there. They have been busy travelling through the UK on a tour supporting flor and stopping in Norway to support All Tvvins, all the while working alongside producer Gordon Mills Jr. on their sophomore EP. "Magic Hour" may be their first single of the year, but rest assured it will not be the last. 

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