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Lulise brings back the love of dance in luscious debut "Read My Hips"

When it comes right down to it, R&B isn't just a buzzword - it's meant to be rhythmic and soulful, subjugating your body to a smooth swaying motion along to its infectious beat. Los Angeles newcomer Lulise is looking to revive this often forgotten dancing spirit in her fiery debut "Read My Hips," premiering here today.

Opening with a luscious guitar-plucked melody, "Read My Hips" expertly extends its hand out to lead you to the dancefloor. There, it quickly envelops you in body-hugging bass lines, permeating claps, and succulent vocals. Keeping you close at all times, it picks up the tempo with an impassioned hook, gently flowing through every body movement. When disclosing the inspiration behind her debut single, Lulise shares that "whenever it's been a long work week I love putting on my headphones and dancing around my house. There's nothing better than when that one song comes on that you never skip because of how it makes you feel. I hope 'Read My Hips' becomes that song for anyone who loves to let loose and feel sexy like I do." 

Though treated as a debut, Lulise isn't a stranger to musical performance. Prior to her solo venture, she had been writing and performing with pop duo Honey and Jude, collaborating alongside talented songwriters and producers alike - all experiences and ventures that would build her up into one of the freshest new voices to come out this year. If you can't get enough of her soulfully seductive brand of R&B, catch her at her residency at the Songbird Café in L.A this summer, starting June 2nd. 

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