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HAVVK fight societal expectations in "Shifting Shape" [Premiere]

Grunge trio HAVVK share their snarling single "Shifting Shape," an ode to tackling societal pressures.

With raucous guitar riffs and a pulsating drum beat, HAVVK's ferocity is an evident as ever. Tackling gender norms and stereotypes, "Shifting Shape" is a track pushing the limits of gender representation, reminding us that gender isn't something that defines us, but something we can use to express ourselves. 

Distorted and gruesomely grungy, HAVVK have concocted an epic tune, nailing grunge at its core. The foot-stomping, head-banging track is a gritty exploration into a hybrid of indie and punk. Blending elements of a number of genres, the track heightens its meaning and enlightens its listeners. HAVVK's ability to write provoking music is endlessly exciting. 

HAVVK says, "'Shifting Shape' is about the pressure to adapt how you look or express yourself to fit into what society expects, especially around traditional assumptions of gender. We should be living in a world where guys can express vulnerability and where women can wear whatever they want without hearing words like ‘tomboy’ or ’slut.’ The song is about wanting the safety and freedom to live your life without these constraints.”

The band are currently on the last few dates of their Drawn Together tour; a tour which gives new and established female and non-binary run projects a platform to been seen and heard. Catch them on the last few UK dates:

16th May - Paper Dress Vintage - London
17th May - Zed Alley - Bristol
18th May - The Den - Bath

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