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Van Alden urges you to "Stay" and unplug [Video]

Entrapped in a digital world, L.A-based singer-songwriter Van Alden (Paul Abrahamian) is looking to break free of the overstimulated cycle and find meaning in life outside of the reaches of his online presence. His latest single "Stay" exudes all the comfort and warmth of a sincere love in its attempts to not only coax a partner to stay, but to invite its listeners to tune in to their analog lives, even if just for a little. The official music video is premiering here today, embodying all the fleeting moments and palpitations of an imperfect relationship. 

Devoid of colour, the video aims to contradict the abundant stimulation of our online lives. In its humble delivery, it manages to strip away the shining lights and makeup, leaving us with an honest and vulnerable Van Alden. Compelling in their simplicity, these visuals emanate all the little moments that make up life, reminding us that its passion is found outside the blue light of a screen. When describing the track, he shares that "it seems that our modern society has found comfort in constant, numbing stimulation. Losing touch with humanity in a digital age has made it easy to feel misunderstood, defeated, complacent, and numb. 'Stay' tells the story of wanting the comfort and familiarity of a relationship, even if there is a constant cycle of toxic behaviour." 

Dreamily composed with solemn piano keys and tender percussions, "Stay" juxtaposes breathy vocals with a dark yet hopeful production. The track is an anthem for all those looking to keep their relationships afloat, and for those who are just looking to keep their passions intact. Emotive and slow, "Stay" is the first single to be released from Van Alden's forthcoming sophomore EP, out on June 21st - and we can't wait to leave everyone on read to become immersed in Van Alden's world of affective pop-noir.

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