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KOTA The Friend finds all the right angles on 'FOTO'

KOTA The Friend, once known as "Brooklyn's best-kept secret", can probably leave that title behind now. Those who knew about this secret knew the laid-back lyrical stylings of a quick-witted emcee whose words flowed as freely as the rivers in the spring after a long winter. FOTO builds on these strengths and provides a bare-faced selfie that intimately shares some of KOTA's most personal stories and insights.

The album's 19-song tracklist isn't nearly as intimidating as the number suggests; each interlude acts to introduce a new chapter, changing the tone of the album with each turn of the page. During the album's evolving narrative, the production adapts to the shifts in theme while developing a spine to the story that holds the songs together. Though the album is broken up into "chapters" all of the chapters feel like they come from the same book—and a lot of this can be attributed to the well-thought-out production. The album was meticulously crafted to be enjoyed as a whole, as well as one that would appeal to the people who throw albums on shuffle—though these people may miss some of the subtleties of the album. FOTO is a celebration of progress while also exploring the catharsis of the journey and will no doubt see "Brooklyn's best-kept secret" become "Brooklyn's newest voice".

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