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Gia Woods throws "One Big Party" in an ode to pop nostalgia [Video]

When it comes to music, L.A singer-songwriter Gia Woods is an honest and enticing open book. Using her past and present experiences as fodder for seductive pop anthems, her star is on the rise as one of the most interesting voices in the modern pop landscape. Her newest single "One Big Party" is a wistful commentary on the distractions we use to forget a relationship that has ended. Its glittering visuals feature Woods and friends hosting a rhinestone-studded costume themed karaoke party, with all the overstimulated nuances of a broken heart. 

Dreamy and honest, "One Big Party" juxtaposes its sorrowful lyrics with an abundantly arranged pop production. Sharing her thoughts on the track, Woods explains that "everyone tries to distract themselves from problems and conflicts in relationships. You'll ignore signs of toxicity for the sake of keeping up appearances for your friends and a personal level of comfort, but you're really sacrificing your own happiness. I've been in this situation, and in the end, I realized that I needed to ignore those distractions and be alone to focus on myself." Woods' seductively lulling vocals add a hazy effect to the production, elevating it from a radio pleaser to a deeply personal breakup anthem. "One Big Party" joins the slew of new releases planned for 2019, and unlike this song, we don't anticipate wanting to forget Gia Woods anytime soon. 

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