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Le Youth breaks silence on new single "Selfish"

It's been almost a year since we've heard from DJ/producer Wes James, aka Le Youth. Today he breaks out of his hiatus with an all new single entitled "Selfish". Returning in a slightly different fashion, Le Youth hits the internet with an Electro-Pop inspired single and all new label Universal Music to back his music. 

“Musically, I've been going through some changes. I've been listening to deeper stuff lately, full of warm, detuned, analog sounds -- things that wouldn't have fit into earlier Le Youth songs. I wanted to explore new sounds and use more hardware synthesizers in my music. Selfish in the result”, shares Le YouthThe track's pulses from the get-go with synth work that pulls you in, and is complemented by distorted vocals and elements of house and electro-pop. The chorus rolls along with a throbbing bassline, that's ever so catchy. It's a warm and welcomed return for the Cali native. "Selfish" is out now and you can enjoy it here!

Connect with Le Youth: Soundcloud I Twitter I Instagram



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