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French Braids connects with Leo Stannard for "Take Me To The River"

Toronto producer French Braids joins forces with singer and songwriter Leo Stannard on new single "Take Me To The River".  Seemingly a match made, the pair lead the intro with a hypnotizing and infectious guitar line. In addition, layering it gently with soulful vocal work makes "Take Me To The River" very easy on the ears. Written during a stay in London, "The song tells a story of someone who has grown weary of the city and wants to leave it all behind to head for the countryside, or "the river", French Braids shares. 

Fusing electronic and soulful melodies, the track was born organically and quickly. According to Fischer aka French Braids, "In the session, I picked up a ukulele and started playing rhythms which everyone seemed to like, and then started experimenting with some Bonobo-esque ambient synth sounds and some basic drums and right away the emotion seemed to come together. The full production and song is a hybrid of many textures and genres which is very much an embodiment of my project. It's emotional yet danceable and simple yet complex." With an escapist mindset and the intention behind the track, it seems to suit that you might be able to escape today with a gentle push of play on French Braids and Leo Stannard's new one. Give it a listen above! 

Connect with French Braids: Soundcloud I Twitter 



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