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Elle Azar is out from the dark and wants you to join and "Get Your Hopes Up"

The phrase "get your hopes up" is almost always preceded by a "don't", giving it a realistic and downright pessimistic connotation. Nashville singer-songwriter Elle Azar (Jillian Cohen) is determined to change that with her newest single, aptly titled "Get Your Hopes Up". Premiering at EARMILK today, it's an undulating anthem for those struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, yet knowing that it's inevitably there. 

When setting out to write this track, Azar was determined to use it as a self reminder of the power of hope: "...believing that something good would happen and that things could change and I wouldn't be depressed or anxious forever. Writing 'Get Your Hopes Up' was like creating the ultimate antithesis to any jadedness I had experienced." The production in this track perfectly encapsulates this inner turmoil between hope and hopelessness with its sparkling synths backed by dark and booming percussions. Meandering through a full-bodied composition textured with instrumental souvenirs, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel shines through in Azar's modestly commanding vocals. Seamlessly guiding us through the hauntingly catchy hooks and stirring bridges, Azar sets us up in her safe space- filling us with peace in our hearts and rhythm in our feet.  

Azar's experience with clinical depression and anxiety have fuelled her artistic creations and motivations for years, but it wasn't until recently that she finally decided to make it her full-time passion. Enlisting the help of her husband Ezra for all visual direction and producer Jeremy Lutito, her resulting self-titled debut album is finally releasing on May 31st as an homage to Mental Awareness Month. We'll be sure to follow her advice and get our hopes up for an honest, refreshing, and absolutely stunning debut. 

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