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Elliot Lee's "Upside Down" is a fresh exploration into dark pop

Elliot Lee has released her alluring new single “Upside Down” with a unique blend of moody, dark pop and upbeat color. The track exudes an infectious, elevated sound layered in raw penetrating beats. The song’s innovative musical style fuses hip-hop vocals with delicate, ethereal tones dusted in faint colorful harmonies. “Upside Down” thematically expresses the disheartening feeling of being so low it’s like you are at the bottom of the world.  Facing challenging obstacles in the road to a fulfilling life, it touches on this relatable feeling of wishing it could all be the exact opposite.


Having grown up with an atypical lifestyle that carried her across the country, Lee found stability in music. Her music conveys this idea of overthinking and how it can control your ability to manage life’s hardships. “Each song is a representation of what was taking up the most space in my brain while I was writing the lyrics, and the writing process itself helps me to work through the issues instead of just quietly ruminating like I otherwise do”, admits Lee. 

With the goal of inspiring others to not beat themselves up for mistakes they’ve made that were out of their control, her music acts as a reminder that there are others out there dealing with similar issues, and we are not alone. 

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Dark Pop · Pop


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