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Lowkey tackles the corporates on "Soundtrack To The Struggle 2" Ft. Noam Chomsky [Video]

After sharing the blazing singles "The return of Lowkey" and "GOAT Flow", UK hip-hop veteran Lowkey returns with the title track of his long-awaited project  'Soundtrack To The Struggle 2'. The thought-provoking song features some biting commentary from the famed historian, political activist, and social critic Noam Chomsky, who kicks off the record. Backed by a gloomy/cinematic production (courtesy of  Sandhill), Lowkey proceeds to fire shots at the global power structures, the banks, and elites for a lack of empathy and social consciousness. 

For the visuals, Lowkey calls on animator Thomas Doukinitsas who blends a wide variety of images and texts to bring home the message being passed. For five minutes, layered images splatter the screen as Lowkey shares his candid thoughts on issues such as capitalism, terrorism, climate change and more. Get the album here and April tour tickets here

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