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Kai Wachi & Sullivan King tag each other for bolstering "Between the Lines" collaboration

Kai Wachi and Sullivan King have been teasing a collaboration for quite awhile. They've finally released the second blistering single off of Kai Wachi's DEMIGOD album called "Between the Lines" on Kannibalen Records

"Between the Lines" opens with a riveting bass guitar and unsettling strings. Beginning shortly thereafter, Sullivan King begins with his heavy metal sound, which builds into a relentless drop. While you're putting your middle fingers in the air, as King screams during the buildup, be sure to prepare for the Kai Wachi-bred drop. Wet synths, bottomless sub-bass, and cavernous drum samples allow for the ultimate headbanger track and slap in the face. Furthermore, "Between the Lines" goes through dubstep, drum step, and happy hardcore-styled drops throughout. Kai Wachi and Sullivan King's intentions were clear from the get-go: don't straddle between the lines and pick a side. 

Connect with Sullivan King: SoundCloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Connect with Kai Wachi: SoundCloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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