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Brasko delivers a charming and seductive performance covered in "Lipstick Stains"

Call it cabaret pop, call it goth funk, however you want to call it, but there is only one way to describe Brasko's music: it's unashamedly, blatantly and over-the-top sexy. His forthcoming debut EP SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR defines itself as a concept album that takes place in a hotel, putting private affairs on full display. Its first single "Lipstick Stains" sets the mood with seductive moans and a funk-fuelled dancefloor arrangement that would make Prince proud. 

Sharp inhale. From the very first whomp of the bass line, my breath was taken away by the sheer magnetic force of this track. As your head starts subconsciously bobbing along to the mid-tempo beat, Brasko slathers his smooth falsetto all over it, guiding in the support of beating percussions to transform this song from a simple bedroom jam to a live show anthem. And just as you start getting comfortable with it, the production is muted, Brasko coyly croons "I ain't gonna leave | Without your lipstick stains on me" and the instruments come to life again in a roaring bass palpitation. And exhale. "Lipstick Stains" isn't complacent, layering in electric guitar licks and euphoric horns as it progresses, never once letting up its dizzying energy. According to Brasko, that is exactly how he intended it: "I wanted a song that moves any size room; four-on-the-floor groove, dark for the goth kids and catchy for the preppy kids, with a dash of in-your-face lyrics." 

"Lipstick Stains" is one hell of a debut for a risqué concept album, and we're already snapping our fingers along to the beat of the rest of it.  

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