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P2TheGoldMask flexes on visuals for "Still Hurt" [Video]

San Antonio artist P2TheGoldMask has been active in underground rap for several years. He shows no signs of slowing down with the release of the "Still Hurt" official video.

P2theGoldMask gained notoriety in 2014 for a collaboration with Chris Travis and Bones titled "Risks."And also with a solo song called "Never Runnin' ". While drawing inspiration from rap artists such as Lil B and MF DOOM, P2 helps himself stand out by wearing a gold mask for similar reasons why DOOM wears his mask. He wants people to focus on how his music sounds and not the way he looks.

"Still Hurt" is an unconventional trap anthem with an infectious flow on top of a lullaby melody. The repetitiveness of the hook allows the bass to be the focal part of the song. Videographers Reel Bump creates a stimulating atmosphere innovative edits involving tape static, color tint, and double vision. P2 also recently released a brand new Full-Length project in addition to the video called Speed Racer 2019. A sign of no slowing down.

Connect with P2TheGoldMask: Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud

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