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Nightcars deliver stylish new video for "The Call"

The band Nightcars is back with a new video for their single “The Call” from earlier this year. The trio from Madrid whose name is inspired by the Lionel Ritchie song “Running with the Night” shows off their nostalgic sound on “The Call” with booming chords and some sultry, 80s style saxophone mixed in. The video features moody night scenes that aptly match the song’s contemplative lyrics.

In the words of songwriter Nick Marchena, “The Call” is about “the feeling of being vulnerable, the fear of failing at something so simple.” The mysterious nature of that premise carries through the video, which is sectioned into two chapters vaguely titled “a memory” and “a fragmentary dream.” The introspective theme is further visualized with saturated colors throughout and kaleidoscopic shots interspersed with various perspective shots of the lead singer. The video for “The Call” shows that Nightcars have some interesting cinematic tastes to match their unique sound.

Connect with Nightcars: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify

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