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“Flames” is a fearless anthem for those affected by disaster

Powerful and fiery Valencia James releases “Flames”— a dynamic debut showcasing atmospheric soundscapes of striking synths and raw, intense vocals the track emits an intoxicating, intimate experience for listeners. 

Valencia wrote the single after her family home was burnt down in the infamous Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado. Losing sentimental photos and videos of her childhood memories, the traumatic experience ignited inspiration in the songwriter and from the ashes came the song ‘Flames’. “The song also represents how easily a relationship can be destroyed through words and actions” reveals Valencia, “anyone that has ever had relationship difficulties or been hurt because of words or actions can probably relate to this song”.

Born in New York and now based in Sydney, Australia, the dark-pop artist is known for crafting compelling emotive music, that digs down into the soul. Valencia’s music is a confrontation of deep life issues with edgy melodies and polished production. Her songs are motivated by life events and thematically focus on darkness and shade, while also casting brightness and positivity.

A determined and hungry talent, she rises from tragedy a stronger, more courageous person and that really shows in her stunning compositions. Check out her impassioned debut single “Flames” out now.

Connect with Valencia James: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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