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Ally Ahern shows off her emotional extremes in visuals for "Bad For Me" [Video]

Just like everything else in the natural world, there is a duality to Chicago singer-songwriter Ally Ahern. Her innocently sweet vocals are oftentimes juxtaposed with a pulsating dark production, the chilling combination burrowing deep under your skin. One such song is last year’s single “Bad For Me”- an emotional track that comes to terms with being in a toxic relationship. Using it as motivation for leaving one herself, Ahern is continuing her quest toward self love with a slew of new releases this year. But first, she shares the colourfully mastered visuals to her healing single. 

Sleek and expressive, the video features Ahern in an aesthetically pleasing rendition of the two extremes of a toxic relationship. Flipping between a pastel hued fantasy and a menacing trapped-in-a-cage scenario, Ahern leads us into heart of her emotional turmoil. The sharpness of the colours is also reflective of the composition itself, with its haunting bass and arpeggiated keys. Ahern expertly takes her time with the lyrics, elongating when needing to emphasize and slowing down when expected to be more callous. Writing "Bad For Me" helped Ahern leave an unhealthy situation and gain a new appreciation for her worth. Steering her toward a more resolute path, Ahern admits that "I avoided saying what I really meant, especially if what I really meant was painful to admit because I was afraid people might judge me or I'll judge myself, but now I'm all about saying what I really mean." With this newfound confidence and maturity, Ahern is gearing up to release new music, including a debut EP this year- and that's not so bad. 
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