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Eli Raybon invites us to funky "Saturday Nights In Space"

Producer Eli Raybon has created his own planet of energetic sci-fi dance tracks. After developing a fascination with electronics and synthesizers, Raybon sought to create the avant-garde synth-pop album he’d dreamed of making. His upcoming album Supertoys is set to be a sci-fi concept album overloaded with an electric and funky set of tracks. “Saturday Nights in Space” is the second single from the new album and Raybon is certainly hosting a party with this one.

Wasting no time, “Saturday Nights in Space” jumps right in with 80s-inspired beats, groovy synth melodies, and a wall of vocals and effects. Before you know it, you’ve been instantly launched into the cosmic nightlife. It sounds like something Dam Funk or Chromeo could concoct. Don’t be fooled by all this energy though. Raybon provides the perfect hazy cool down at the end, complete with all the raspy retro saxophone your hearts desire. Find “Saturday Nights in Space” out now and look for the full Supertoys album this summer.

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