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Kensington Moore struggles to express her love in “I Don’t Like You Anymore” [Video]

Irresistibly catchy but always genuine, pop artist Kensington Moore has released her latest single entitled “I Don’t Like You Anymore”. Showcasing a distinctive blend of soaring synths and ethereal, passionate vocals this contagious track captivates from the moment it starts. The song is a relatable narration of that feeling of being scared to tell someone you love them.

"The song is about a guy I thought I loved but was too afraid to say it," Kensi explains. "The title has an underlying message of actually meaning 'I love you.' The guy I was dating at the time broke up with me before I could show him the song, so I guess it can be taken literally now too."

The video features her in a virtual world with a guy she likes, playing games and enjoying each other’s company. She writes 'I love you' on a whiteboard and he writes 'can’t wait to be back. I miss you', then they both suddenly disappear from the fantasy.

Moore moved to Los Angeles a couple years ago at nineteen. She brought with her the genuine and authentic storytelling from years spent growing up and absorbing the music of Nashville. She combines that classic songwriting with a strong love of jazz, R&B, and pop that greatly influences her production. Filled with complex textures, she’s known for her unique style of delicate, silky vocals that are simply stunning. Her devotion, work ethic, and sincere desire to motivate others is truly empowering. Check out Kensington Moore’s mesmerizing single “I Don’t Like You Anymore” out now.

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