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YVR slays on "Heartless" release

In a whirlwind of effervescence and shimmering synths, LA pop duo YVR have returned with "Heartless", released via their debut EP Night Days. A smooth pop bop, the duo navigate the electronica plains to embark on a journey of discovery—an investigation into relationships that feel one-sided.

"Heartless" is about being in a relationship that feels one sided," The duo shares. "When one person begins to detach themselves in order to protect their heart." A track riddled with pleading croons, "Heartless" envelops us in a warm cocoon of scintillating synths—guarding us from creeping sorrows. Keeping things minimal, the track flourishes in its bubbly beat, uplifting listeners with soaring vocals and relatable lyrics. As though narrating a story, "Heartless" is effortless in its structure, guiding listeners through each melody and harmonic chord for a lilting tempo. 

YVR is made up of Courtney Jenaé and Stephen Stahl. In the early days of their music careers, the married couple turned to songwriting as a way to pay the bills but soon found themselves in the far east shaping the global K-Pop sound for super groups like Exo and Girls Generation. With over four million records sold and a combined 10 number one singles (two of which have reached #1 on the Billboard World Album Charts), the duo now produce music under their own moniker, crafting even more visceral sonic experiences.

Connect with YVR: SoundCloud | Instagram

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