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Stephcynie's "Boom Clap (Good With Words)" is a love-laden banger

Indie singer/songwriter Stephcynie (pronounced stef-sih-nee) pops on our radar with the heartfelt, anthemic record titled "Boom Clap (Good With Words)". Armed with her enchanting, alluring vocals she dwells on falling deeply in love while pointing out all the extra things that come with the feeling. She knows what she wants and encourages her partner to be forthcoming and not string her along. Sonically, she strays into somewhat familiar territory but what makes her unique is her storytelling which is rife with very relatable content. We all have been in that situation where we want the other person to feel the same way but then life has a way of throwing us for a loop.

The Houston, Texas based songstress has been on records ranging from the infamous Kid Rock to pop country star Lauren Alaina and performed with artists as notable as the legendary John Oates, Grammy & Oscar winner Christopher Cross, and Grammy winner Maren Morris, so Stephcynie certainly breaks boundaries. This fall, she plans to release 'I Don't Love You', her innovative & expressive EP, where Stephcynie will reveal her story and new sound for the first time. Get it on Spotify.


Alternative R&B


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