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Gavin Haley is going to love us 'til he's "96" and we're not complaining

If there is one thing we know about music, it's that there can never be too many love songs. Inspired by the one emotion that connects us all, newcomer Gavin Haley finds his tender side in his latest emotive single "96". 

As Haley croons "Love me 'til I'm 96" in an Ed Sheeran-inspired chorus over a warm bed of snapping fingers and romantic guitar notes, we sink further into a cozy cocoon of flurrying thoughts and affectionate feelings. It's hard to capture authenticity in a style of song that has been done by every artist, but somehow, Haley's supple vocals manage to do just that. Even the simple "woah-oh-oh" chorus filler doesn't sound overdone, thanks in part to the funky guitar chords running through the back. It is simple really, but sometimes, it's all you need. 

Surprisingly, singing wasn't Haley's initial passion in life. His accomplishments as a teenager revolved around pro cycling, where he competed for the U.S national team. An unfortunate injury forced him to find another path, leading him to Los Angeles, where he now resides. "96" is the follow-up to his debut single "Better Off", and marks his first release of 2019. And we sincerely hope that it won't be the last. 

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