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Moon Boots lands back on earth with two-side 'Keramhas / Harpanet' EP in hand

Pete Dougherty, AKA Moon Boots, has descended from the galaxies this spring. Close in tow, he bestows two deep-progressive gems "Keremas" and "Harpanet" via world-renowned Anjunadeep imprint. 

"Keramas" sees the Brooklyn-based producer thread field recordings he made of traditional Hindu singers on Keramas Beach in Bali amongst exotic bells and percussion, resulting in a rich, evocative sound that still packs a punch on the dancefloor. In a somewhat darker turn, "Harpanet" sees major and minor key chimes swirling over a dark bassline.

Keramas / Harpanet has made landing, and is available today on all listening platforms of choice.

Connect with Moon Boots: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with AnjunadeepSoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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[…] a foray into exotic psychedelia with his Keramas / Harpanet EP, multidisciplinary producer, DJ, and keyboardist Moon Boots has made return landing - with news […]