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Latrell James speaks truths in retro video for "Tracphone"

Boston rapper Latrell James is back in our consciousness with a new video for his thought-provoking song “Tracphone." The Boston native has writing and production credits with artists like Lil Dicky, J.I.D, and J. Cole, but his growing output of singles and videos like “Tracphone” prove that he is more than ready to step out as a solo artist.

The self-produced song that features a fuzzy repeating bass line and airy synths provides an ample foundation for James’ thoughtful ruminations on the tolls of gentrification on communities of color. In a statement about the imagery of the tracphone, he writes, “Tracphone is… a metaphor for wanting to hold onto things that are ‘old’ vs. the new – and overall being proud of who you are and where you come from.” The song’s video follows the nostalgic theme as it portrays James in a 90s era commercial, spitting his verses through a megaphone for a confused white couple watching from the comfort of their couch. While his writing and composition skills have long since been proven, the “Tracphone” video shows that Latrell James has the flow and charisma to take his solo career to new heights.

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