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Big Pretty brings some calm ethereal vibes on "Say You Want"

Big Pretty is the brainchild of South London based singer/instrumentalist Jimmy Robinson who recently teamed up with musicians Jack Lonergan & Harry Evans to help create his retro-influenced pop sound. The first release "Say You Want" serves as the perfect introduction and a tip of the iceberg from what to expect from Big Pretty. Robinson dives into a heartfelt topic that deals with the struggle of knowing the one you love is in love with someone else. The record gushes a wave of syncopated pop sounds accentuated by the melodic and highly catchy hook that stays in your head even after the song has stopped. From the moment you hit the play button, the myriad of influences can be felt as Big Pretty locks you in with its forlorn lyrics and lush anthemic textures that display a pure unadulterated pop sensibility.

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