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Watch ScienZe grapple with love on "Body (ScienZe Remix)"

It’s been two years since Brooklyn-based rapper, ScienZe has released a new project. 2017’s Kind of Dessert is chock full of hits, including a few which made their way onto this very site. However, other than a scattered feature or two, ScienZe has kept a low profile since that last album.

All of that changes today, with his latest video for “Body (ScienZe Remix).”

Featuring a few desolate locales ranging from train tracks to empty warehouses, “Body (ScienZe Remix)” tells the story of ScienZe speaking to an old lover. The video splices shots of ScienZe on various dates with his ex as well as scenes of him alone. The song and its video are melancholy and searching. The visuals depict a common reaction to a breakup, the endless loops of cherished moments playing in one’s mind.

The original song by Sinead Harnett and Grades has a similar vibe to what you’ll find here, but ScienZe and producer Dre Phantom were able to make it their own. The song feels ScienZe-y. It’s much more a retelling through ScienZe’s eyes than it is a straight remix.

Though we have no concrete news on a full-length project, “Body (ScienZe Remix) is better than nothing. With this latest song out in the world, perhaps it’s a safe assumption this is not the last we'll hear from ScienZe in 2019.


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