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No pretending here, Julian Bell's newest single "Pretender" is fire

Simply put, there is no need to pretend to like Julian Bell’s latest single, "Pretender." In his latest effort, Bell tells us a story of heartbreak and turmoil. Bell, who calls home Maryland, Chicago and LA, serenades us with a message we have all either heard or been through firsthand. With lyrics like, “I was never the desperate type/No trouble with saying goodbye/Until I watched the candle light flicker out” we can relate to the pain Julian Bell is trying to convey.

Not only does the single present the theme of someone who’s broken hearted trying to pretend everything is okay, but the video does too. The video, directed by Marat Shaya, is a testament to how sometimes doing less is more. Both the song and visuals do a tremendous job of complimenting one another. “Pretender” is Julian Bell’s first single off his upcoming EP, which we don’t know too much about at this point. It’s apparent with this release that Bell is an artist whose name will ring bells if he continues this course. 

Connect with Julian Bell: Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud

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