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Augustine wrestles with a powerful love on "A Scent of a Lily"

On his latest single “A Scent of a Lily,” Augustine, a relatively new voice in an already overcrowded market place, distances himself from his indie comrades with a love song that is as exciting as it is vivid.

Listen to “A Scent of a Lily” below.

“There are those few people who make you completely blank,” Augustine muses on his latest single. “‘A Scent of Lily’ is about the powerlessness that can creep into such relationships.” And it’s this feeling of losing control, the tug of war of emotions, that Augustine translates into his music, making him such a unique voice in the indie pop space.

If Augustine spoke deadpan into the microphone and just read the lyrics to “A Scent of a Lily,” the song would be solid. His words are vivid enough that they envoke an all too familiar scene of being in love. But when he decided to couple that scene with an equally dynamic delivery, stopping and starting his powerful vocals and booming productions (not unlike the stop and go one feels in a whirlwind relationship), that’s when the track transcended to something spectacular.

With only two songs to his name (at least according to his Spotify page), Augustine is about as green as they come. But after delivering back to back stellar singles, it’s tough to call this streak beginner's luck any longer.


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