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Drinker delivers a "Wave" of great experimental alternative music with fifth single

Drinker releases their fifth single "Wave" and it showcases the great things to come from their upcoming album. Each instrument played seemingly fades in and out, sonically feeling like the tide ebbing in and out. Alongside the instruments comes singer Aaron Mendelsohn's vocals rising up and down. The entire song resonates the notion of waves crashing against the beach exhibiting a true feat of production mastery created by the hands of producer Ariel Loh.

"'Wave' is a song about a life trapped within the cycles of time," said Aaron when asked about the single. "The moon’s cycle pushing and pulling the ocean’s tides…waves upon waves, reliable, coming and going, never-ending. It’s mesmerizing and it brings peace to see it in contrast with the fact that our own cycle of life is different, does end, etc. We're so consumed in our own lives that it's hard to see how we're replaced by the next generations and we're only here for a few waves of the cycle." 

The tense realization of this idea seems to be realized by the narrator in the last minute of the song. The synths become more urgent and each sonically represented wave comes at us quicker. Then after being fully consumed in the noise, it just stops. Our few waves of the cycle end, the reliable coming and going of the song vanish and we are left craving more. 

Make sure to catch Drinker's album Fragments due out on May 3rd.

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