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Sensu unveils heartfelt electronic record “Listen” featuring Otis Junior

Out on Quartz Records, "Listen" is a freshly euphoric electronic cut from upcoming Swiss electronic producer Sensu. A classically trained pianist and an experienced hip-hop producer, Sensu is making a multidimensional effort that displays her artistic vision in this lush tune.

Starting with a glitchy, futuristic melody, "Listen" quickly constructs a rich sonic palette as Otis Junior’s sweet croons glide over and envelop us into dreamy warmth. Atmospheric chords ebb and flow in Sensu’s immaculate production style, creating a deep emotional air while luring us into the night unknown. Gracefully combining her years of experience in different musical realms, Sensu flexes her musicianship effortlessly. "The song ‘Listen’ perfectly represents the style of music I create. It's a track with drum sounds that you could use in a hip-hop track and synthesizer sounds which could be used in a trance song, so it creates that electronic sound mixed with an organic feel to it," she shares.

Her first full-length album Embrace is slated for release on September 6.  She chose to start the project with "Listen" because "it tells a story, it has that emotional feeling to it, it represents the rest of the album very well and I still like it very much after listening to it several hundreds of times." 

Connect with Sensu: Instagram | Facebook | SoundCloud



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