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Madelline's "Ghost" is a touching and tormented track for the socially anxious

"Ghost is an anthem for embracing solitude" Madelline confesses. Her sophomore track is a reassuring message for the socially anxious, her dreamy vocals and indie-tinged rhythms intertwining to create a soothing remedy for the fragile introvert.

Growing up in Connecticut, Madelline moved to New York after winning a scholarship to study Film and Television at Pace University. The glittering skylines of the big city embody the songs inherent feeling of social isolation - unable to feel settled amongst the chaos and confusion of the concrete metropolis. Splashed with R&B melodies and hypnotic percussion, the track inhabits the bitter head space of someone fighting with this deep-rooted agitation.

"The song was initially formed as I felt overwhelmed by loneliness" Madelline explains. "Stefano Pando produced the track, and we arranged it as we went. It's about emptiness – being surrounded by people but not feeling understood, listened to, or seen. It's about social anxiety. It's about feeling unwanted."

"Get used to being alone" the artist repeats to herself, a self-deprecating mantra which becomes entangled in the single's tapestry. It's beautifully sentimental and inherently human - a touching display of intimacy in the face of one's own imperfections.

"Ghost" is out now, with Madelline's debut EP set for release later on in the year.

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