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Jutes and Tarro will have you in your feels with "Too Easy"

The once Ottawa native, now LA based singer and songwriter, Jutes, has taken the industry by storm over the last couple of months with his high energy tracks that ooze emotion and angst. His effortless ability at blending elements from emo rap, alt-rock and pop music, keep his music unique and allows the listener to identify his music from the very first notes.

On his latest conquest "Too Easy" Jutes pairs up with none other than Tarro, to fully bring his track to life. Resonating warm guitar riffs echo through the speakers as the production sweeps Jutes' first lyric into play, seamlessly carrying us into an engaging kick and snare as the energy begins to swell and sway.

The lyrics begin delving into the realness of a relationship and specifically that moment when you realize that one side has given up, making it all "Too Easy" for the other person to leave. It hits that soft spot that so many of us have felt with a loved one, that moment when you realize your significant other can't love you like they love themselves, and the sorrow that comes with falling out of love. 

Tarro crushes the production on "Too Easy". Minimally filling the spaces between Jutes' vocal and leaving just the right amount of room for contemplation, the producer ensures that you get deep down in your feels with this one. 

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