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Jon Wiilde's "Arms" is a tragedy told through feet [Video]

In case you're not up on game, Sacramento's been pumping out some memorable tunes for a hot minute.

Jon Wiilde is the latest 916 sensation to bless our eardrums. The talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist just dropped his single "Arms," accompanied by one of the more creative and disturbing music videos I've seen this year.

The beginning of "Arms" immediately engulfs the listener in a chilled-out haze. At first, you're somewhat charmed by the lethargy in Wiilde's voice and guitar strums. By the end of the video, however, "Arms" quickly transitions from chilled-out to chilling—and, remarkably, it's a tragedy of legs that switches up the mood. (You have to see it to understand.)

Sporting a combination of psychedelic steez, raw vulnerability, and a true love for songwriting, Wiilde shows on "Arms" that he's a cat you should keep tabs on. Click/tap that play button and experience legs and feet in a whole new way.

Connect with Jon Wiilde: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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