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Johnny Stimson proves why he's an Elton John favorite with "Flower"

Smoldering and soulful, Johnny Stimson releases his highly expressive single “Flower.” Highlighting stunning, velvety vocals and smoky soundscapes, the track oozes sensual vibes. The song is a narration of that moment in time where everything is so perfect you just want to revel in it and take pause. “The most precious moments are here and gone in a little blink,” expresses the songwriter, "I got to surprise my wife at home for Thanksgiving for a couple days and it was the sweetest time, but it flew by and I had to head back out on tour. It reminded me of those flowers that only bloom for a little while. It’s so beautiful to get that time, but it’s so hard to let it go.”

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences from The Beatles to Tom Misch and Frank Ocean, the songwriter brings an exceptional soulful sound to pop music. Stimson is not only known for his natural silky vocal tone, but also for his impressive skills on piano, guitar, and bass. Fusing funk with a R&B rasp, his music is a distinctive blend of organic blended with electronic.

After landing high-profile syncs on The Vampire Diaries and Trophy Wife and generating a growing fan base, the Dallas native urged a European booking agent to secure a show in London. Sure something big was on the horizon, he traveled for the gig.  The next day he welcomed a surprise. Stimson reveals, “Someone at the show knew Elton John, told him about my music, and Elton called me the next morning,” he confides. “In the following months we built this incredible partnership. I recognized the importance of taking risks, because it was the only way I would’ve been able to do this.”

In addition to the immense honor of Elton’s praise, Stimson has accomplished a great deal in his musical career. He’s garnered over 25 million hits on Spotify and last year, his single “Honeymoon” went viral in Indonesia and landed #2 on iTunes. He’s toured with major artist like SoMo and Tori Kelly as well as headlining shows across Asia. Ready to take on this new chapter of his career, Stimson's release “Flower” is a great representation of his effortless craft, proving that sometimes less is definitely more.

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