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Ellen Bryant reclaims her destiny on the enlightening "That's Just How I Feel" [Premiere]

When life is going a hundred miles an hour, grasping any sort of control can seem nearly impossible. Ellen Bryant’s latest anthemic rhapsody “That's Just How I Feel”, is a reminder to stop, slow down and just breathe.

A vulnerable reflection ripped from a page of Ellen’s journal and taped to her wall so she never forgets it - “That's Just How I Feel” is a cathartic pledge Ellen has made; a promise to heal for the sake of no one but herself. It’s a vow to stop fighting the Universe and to instead seek balanceactively but not aggressivelyas she watches the planets align in its perfect timing.

When the elements work together in your favour, there’s no force—external or internal—that can get in the way.

An impressionistic ode to self-care, “That’s Just How I Feel” illustrates the tug of war relationship between what others expect of you vs. what you need for yourself. Gently, but in a manner that asserts that she is entirely sick of the B.S., Ellen speaks on the journey of finding love, losing love, and ultimately trying to discover the essence of who she is without the chains of any attachments. Interrupting the chaos of life with transformative healing, “That’s Just How I Feel” is an inspiring anthem of reclaiming control. Its sonic rainfall washes over listeners like a soul-cleansing christening as Ellen’s words resonate with relevance.

The shores of the singer’s Australian roots perfectly suit “That’s Just How I Feel”’s sun-dappled polyrhythmic repertoire. The song flows elegantly like one who has finally learned to embrace the sea’s tides and grab their destiny at the helm. Ellen’s enchanting sound is complemented by an array of electrifying synths and hypnotic rhythms. The atmospheric production feels as though the molecules of the earth’s every element are floating in unity, like stardust dancing across dark skies. Its comforting melodies instantly teleport listeners to a tranquil wonderland. 

Ellen explains the story behind “That’s Just How I Feel”, detailing, “It’s a track geared towards acceptance of what IS and harvesting what you personally need to feel right. Empowerment within yourself to move with faith and courage is a vital part of simply…just…being." Opening up about what inspired her to write “That’s Just How I feel”, Ellen explains, “I wrote the track In a time leading up to a massive change in my life, and I was content to find that my lyrics further affirmed myself at a later date.”

Produced by Toronto creative Kyle “K-Notes” Smith with smooth undertones by Nigel Edwards (Nomvndslvnd), “That’s Just How I Feel” embodies love and family energy in all areas. Ellen explains: “I was able to bring it to life with not just dope creatives but incredibly light-filled human beings. With the track being mixed and mastered by Australian female artist/producer Becki Whitton (Aphir), it feels great to have a touch of home induced in some way. The gratitude is REAL! I pray the track gets wings and fly to the ears that need to hear it.”

“That’s Just How I Feel” gives us a lucid look into the mind of a woman with intention who has made a decision to reclaim control over her life. Ellen Bryant is bold. She is unafraid. And she has the right to take back what is hers.

In the whirlwind of life’s rollercoaster highs and lows, there is remarkable power that comes from taking ownership over what is rightfully yours. Explore the depths of your horizons with the empowering “That's Just How I Feel” above.

Connect with Ellen: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud


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