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Crooked Teeth's "Beg" leaves us pleading for more

Meet your new favorite pop-punk band: Crooked Teeth. They're a California-based eclectic band  kicking a lot of pop-punk ass right now. 

This past week they released a new single entitled "Beg" with Blossöm Records, which comes to us as their first track since their EP Honey from November of last year. "Beg" really apprehends the defining decision we've all had to make... between leaving the bar early OR staying out till all hours of the night and succumbing to a hellish hangover the next morning. It's a true headbanger and millennial emo-anthem of 2019.

The song was written and Produced by Mike Gentile (of the band Rescue Kid, formerly of Hey Monday). Gentile says, “I think when you’re creating and working on your art, it’s absolutely imperative to be genuinely vulnerable and let that vulnerability shine through your work to create a feeling and a vibe that the listener will automatically resonate with just as much as the creator does due to it’s authenticity. With "Beg", we really took our time to look at each sonic element, melody, lyric, and part with a fine tooth comb to make sure it was the absolutely best thing that we could have came up with in that moment to serve the song, the creator’s intentions, and the listener, all equally.”

No definite word yet on what's to come next for Crooked Teeth, but they do have some upcoming shows on the spring-season Petaluma Tour with This Wild Life. Check out more of the band's music from Honey below.

Connect with Crooked Teeth: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify | Instagram | Blossöm Records

Alternative Rock · Pop · Punk


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