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Ryan Hemsworth & Yurufuwa Gang roll out "Shining" to announce upcoming EP

When it comes to borders, Ryan Hemsworth is the antithesis of Donald Trump. This man isn't trying to build walls, he's tearing them down and making himself right at home wherever he sees fit. Through the course of his professional career, Hemsworth has traveled through a number of different sounds by collaborating with Tinashe, Tory Lanez, Mitski ,and E-40, just to name a few.

His most recent journey brings us a collaboration with Yurufuwa Gang, a trendsetting duo of rappers from Japan. The collaboration has already produced the drugged-out trap single "Fresh All Day", and they've now announced a 7-song EP, CIRCUS CIRCUS slated for release on March 29th via Secret Songs / Mary Joy Recordings with their newest single, "Shining".

The song is filled with electronic, pop-inspired production. If I'm totally honest, the song is a circus. At times it's enjoyable, I'm having fun, and at other times, it's too crowded and scary (especially with the clowns on the cover art). The amalgamation of languages used through the song acts like a hot pot of emotion. At times I feel like Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory, "No one knows what it means, but it's provocative. It gets the people going!"

This song heavily contrasts their first single by providing a pallet of colours that isn't just green. The contrast once again not only puts Hemsworth's versatility on display, but shows that any sound is possible on the upcoming CIRCUS CIRCUS tape.

Connect with Ryan Hemsworth: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Connect with Yurufuwa Gang: Instagram

Electro Pop · Electronic · Hip-Hop


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