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UK artist Duskus continues to develop his new sound on new single “Tell Me Why” featuring Arizsi

London-based producer and Bitbird records signee Duskus shares with us his new sound with the release of his new song “Tell Me Why” featuring Arizsi. He blends a wide range of sounds on this record and delivers a soothing, experimental record that switches from vibrant to solemn at every turn. At each section in the arrangement, he takes the listener into different vibes and emotions with the ever-changing dynamics of his production. With Arizsi on vocal duties, the track's melodic energy gets a boost as the auto-tune laden style blends effortlessly against Duskus' solid production.

“Tell Me Why” continues to edge closer on the trail to the long-awaited third Gouldian Finch compilation-- a project where listeners can expect to hear the next phase of bitbird’s evolution. For rather than curating to fit into any particular sound, Gouldian Finch 3 is curated solely on the feeling its songs leave behind. Duskus' adds his 2 cents on the track "... the track is definitely an insight into the future of Duskus...."

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