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Injury Reserve and Aminé join forces again on "Jailbreak the Tesla" [video]

As far as Internet sweethearts go, Injury Reserve have been relatively quiet as of late. Since the release of their debut tape Live From the Dentist, the Phoenix trio's every move has been scrutinized. Yet they remain relatively quiet between album releases; like a fitness class instructor, they show self control by splitting their meals into main courses and never really snacking between meals.

But sometimes, the instructor slips and we get a tasty snack.

The group has proven time and time again that versatility and creativity are their driving forces. Their aesthetic pushes the sounds of the golden age into the 21st-century—and further.

"Jailbreak the Tesla" takes their sound into the future in a shiny $150,000 car, with Portland rapper Aminé riding shotgun. This is not the first time the group has let Aminé take the wheel behind their production. "Campfire" was released nearly a year ago, demonstrating the chemistry that exists between them could prove to amount to something explosive.

The chemistry in this single is palpable. The song, much like the Tesla used in the video, contains all the bells and whistles you'd expect to hear from the collaboration. The loud synths, drums, and bells all push the sounds into the future. Robotic vocal effects are used to further demonstrate the theme explored in the song and video.

Ritchie with a T begins the song by reminding us how quickly technology has progressed—making reference to his iPod touch and Limewire (something I'm sure your parent's home computer is still feeling the effects of if you ever used it). And by the end of the song Aminé is bragging about his engine not making a sound and Grimes' voice providing directions on his GPS.

Shot from a fish-eye filter, the glitchy visuals make the video feel like the rappers are being watched by a computer to keep in-tune with the theme. The final product of the visuals make for a song and video that are more well-polished than the rims after visiting West Coast Customs.

Connect with Injury Reserve: Twitter | Soundcloud

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