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Ness Heads returns with the soul searching "Paper Town"

Ness Heads' third single this year "Paper Town" is a heartfelt letter that dwells on the dynamics between her and her significant other. Knowing the pressures of the music business can cause challenges she asks her lover to trust in her as she pursues this music thing.

Teaming up with Walkingshoe and Sam Hagensick who both provide her with a lush, organic backdrop which is slightly different from her previous song "Window". "Paper Town" showcases Ness' wide emotional range along with her adept ability and willingness to delve into different genres. Her cadence which has a hip-hop feel (besides the numerous rap references) mixed with her pop sensibilities makes the single quite interesting.

We figured there would be more music from the unpredictable artist. Ness Heads recently featured on the lineup for AT&T's 312 day alongside Lupe Fiasco, Vic Mensa, Dreezy, Kaina, and Femdot among others

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